God is Not about you being busy! God is ALL about you Being His Love! If you understand the difference Grace can abound. The challenge that I have with most churches is that they want you to be busy while they make a comfort zone of law they can follow, a god who is small enough to be understood, a grace that fits the comfort zone they create and a love that is not unconditional or all inclusive but they claim it’s from God! Let me clear – Gods way to Rest and to be able to relax is narrow because most are convinced it doesn’t exist even though they say it does!


Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters came on the earth. And Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives entered the ark to escape the waters of the flood.” – Genesis 7:6-7


The two greatest challenges humans have at relaxing are understanding what time it is on God’s watch and not our own and understanding the position that the cross and believing in Christ makes in who they are to Abba Father!


My guess is that at 600 years you know a thing or two about waiting. If I had 600 years of waiting on my wife to get ready so we could go out – I would probably be much more capable at resting and relaxing in the Now. My point is to wait on God and while waiting smell the flowers. My point is to wait and while waiting sing, dance, eat, live and Love like Jesus Loved – all while knowing who you are in Him!


Who are you? You are a child of The Most High King, The Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, The God of ALL Creation calls you “friend” and when He parted the Red Sea for the children of Israel He did so not just for them on that day but to show You Him every day!


God did Not get out of the miracle business at the opposite end of the Red Sea any more than He did with Jesus, Paul, James or any of the other miraculous moments recorded – Believe and Life gets SO Very much easier! I know because after this season of dryness recently I was reminded of the three most important words to rest and relaxation Here and Now – this is Gods miracle cure for stress – are you ready?


God Is In Control and He Will Make a Way for me!

This can easily be turned into a beautiful meditation and If you believe the stories and the wonder and the majesty of The Bible – This Anchor will hold in the worst storms of life even though you may doubt you will come back to The Safe Harbor of His Peace and relax in the Rest He alone can provide!


Breathe in and say:

He Is


Breathe out and say:

In Complete Control


Breathe in and say:

He Will Always


Breathe out and say:

Make a way for me


Try this meditation and remember Noah waited 600 years + for his way! Rest in Now – He has this!




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