I was blessed to break. I was doubly blessed to be broken beyond the point of being able to see the sadistic god who checks my religious baggage as a being that exist or that I could ever follow again. But along with all those blessings comes a challenge, a challenge to point the mirror of God’s Love, Peace and Grace first at myself and my own soul. This devotional was written for all of you who struggle with letting His Mercy BE Really all that it IS first to yourself!



Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

– Matthew 5:7

Outside of the demonic doctrinal dogma espoused by different denominations about what laws they will keep and which ones take a back seat to comfort, the next big hurdle that is placed in front of people desperately searching for The Love Only God offers is the lack of mercy and compassion that is shown by many who wear His name. The primary reason for the lack of Mercy that I have found is the inability of God’s people to hear His voice.


I get it, I really do, satan screams and God with His unconditional Love whispers. We have a society that screams no mercy and “hang em high” mentality every time we turn around and in the midst of that we have the church of convenient – grace – or what I like to call 7/11 grace – this is grace that is only good for pet sins like breaking Sabbath but it certainly doesn’t pertain to other sins. We can pick it up 24-7 anytime we break a law and sin!


In the midst of this we have Jesus, The Real Jesus, sitting by our path, standing next to us on the subway or the bus and inside our hearts and souls if we believe and He beckons and pleads with us, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” This is the point where most churches stop because Grace is too Amazing to be true and in thinking like a human they are right – But God doesn’t think like a human – that is kind of the point of calling Him God!


God’s tool for getting you to Christ Is the law! That is the purpose of the law, the reason it exist and the reason why Jesus can ease your burden, make you relaxed beyond belief and give you Peace that passes ALL understanding!




Simply put you are NOT under the law any longer once the law gets you to Christ – so have Mercy on yourself first and since you know the path to that Eternal Forgiveness shine His Mercy and Love Light to ALL those He brings your way who will listen to this one simple message, “you are not under the law, you are under Grace.”


Do you want God’s Mercy? Do you want to Be His Light of Love and Mercy in a hurting world? Then first understand your position to God once you accept what Christ accomplished on the cross – “Christ is the end of the law for ALL who believe!




End of the law