Reasons for Rest 1

The times we live in are not “the tempest in the teapot” as the old saying goes but instead rather in a category 5 typhoon in a shot glass. On every side we can find reasons to not Rest In “Peace that passes all understanding.”

With this in mind in this series I will delve into the reasons for rest and some of the heroes of hope that have brought the rest to reality.

The main reason for rest is the root. The root of what we rest in can either bring true rest or devastation to the soul. The great news is that rest, Real Rest, Rest that is Complete can be realized in any and every moment IF we grow into the idea of what it’s based on.

When rest is based on religion our performance will cause unrest in our soul.

When rest is based on power our performance and other’s performance will cause unrest.

When rest is based on world events the majority of moments will be not only unrest-full but on most days down right terrifying because of others performance.

But when rest is based on a growing understanding of a Love beyond human comprehension that embraces us all. When that Love is Perfect Love from a Source that remains a GraceFull mystery – Then Real Rest can be Realized. This is the focus of this devotional series. I hope and pray that it is of help to you and serves as a point on contemplation at the very least.

“If the part of the dough offered as first-fruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy; if the root is holy, so are the branches.” … Romans 11:16

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