What is crazy Faith? 

True Faith is sheer human insanity and therefore cannot be attained by religiosity. Faith is Trusting in The Unseen to do the impossible and accepting the outcome as The Gift from The Unseen even if it’s Not what you want. Sound insane enough for you? Yes the entire Egyptian Army at The Red Sea thought so too.
The reason why this is crucial can be summed up in 3 little words, “God Is Love!” And as He Is Love and Radically Loves you beyond your imagination or conceivable thought, All things, moments, events and people in your life were, are and always will be allowed by Him because He controls Everything! 
Resting in the above statement IS the key to this relationship for 3 inescapable reasons:
1) If you believe, you are no longer under the law but under Grace, you can Rest, which builds Peace and Gratitude.
2) If you believe, you no longer need to be concerned about events or outcomes, you can Rest, which builds Gentleness, Hope, Meekness, Peace, Joy, an easy burden and a light yoke.
3) If you believe, you no longer look at anyone as a potential threat but instead as a teacher as well as a student potentially, you can Rest, which builds Love, Grace, Gentleness, Tolerance and Community.

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