Love that is real is based on a growing desire to be around the one who I desire because they have traits and personality and characteristics that I enjoy. Love that is Real is based on a connection of souls. If the love is actually lust it is based on some sort of payment or gratification system.



“Who has ever given to God, that God should repay them?” – Romans 11:35



Grace is Love based, religion is lust based. How?


1) Grace is based on what has been and is Freely given, religion is based on repayment and effort.


2) Grace is based on acceptance of what was done, religion is based on doing more.


3) Grace is based on The GOD Who Is LOVE beyond what we can concieve, religion is based on a god of demanding conformity in a vindictive judge role.


4) Grace is based on the being, you and I having been made Complete by His LOVE, religion is based upon the god of MORE demanding change by our effort.


5) Grace is based on the being, you and I, having been created by The GOD Who Is LOVE Exactly the way He wants us just as we are, religion is based on a never ending effort to do things and act in ways that make us “better” in the eyes of others.


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