Only the rabble among them didn’t rest in what was Freely given!

Are you one of the rabble or one of the resting?

The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, “If only we had meat to eat!” – Numbers 11:4

Are you an “if only” Christian?

Maybe you have heard this before – I know I have! “If only I could…..” “If only God would…..”

God did through the cross!

The reason His Grace is sufficient is that it places All His law in the past, All His power in the present and All His Glory in the future!

The biggest problem for Christendom isn’t an invasion of worldliness it’s a non-acceptance of the total power of the cross! The greatest challenge for Christians isn’t to not curse when they stub their toe – it’s to know that what matters now is Being His Light of Love and Not the laws anchor of condemnation and sin!

Everything that you need was completed on the cross by Jesus! While I know that many say they get this most struggle with what God has given them Freely – they don’t like the taste of not being in control or feeling they are contributing. This is the very reason why Grace is easiest to see and easiest to grasp for the completely broken beyond repair!

It’s easier for a prostitute or drug addict to discover His true Grace than most sitting in church pews!

At some point you need to decide to Be Here and Now in Christ and Live or act like rabble But know this. “His Grace is sufficient for you” and His Love is truly beyond your wildest fantasy of acceptance and how good Anything could be!

Rabble or resting?