Questions or answers?

The answers often hurt and cause a stuck soul but the questions grow a journey of healing.

The journey of Grace has not been about answers but rather it’s been about Resting in very limited answers as I grew in greater understanding of One Answer – Perfect Love is beyond human comprehension.

In my religious life it was all about not only having the answers but defending them above all else – and I mean All else. Lose family, lose friends and even lose your life but hang onto the answers that my group had come up with – that was the thought and idea while religious and that is the difference with Grace.

In order to make the journey of Grace, I believe, you need to:

1. Be Ok with the questions because that’s where Faith (Rest) grows.

2. Accept that The Divine is beyond our limited understanding because that’s where Hope develops.

3. Believe that Divine Love is beyond human comprehension because that’s where love for The Divine, ourselves and each other opens up and becomes a reality.

“And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” … Acts 16:31

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