Survivor Christianity

Do you know anyone who is barely hanging on religiously?

Have you met those that barely survive from one Sunday to another?

Please read 1 John 5:12

Vs. 12 “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.”

God is not an emotional experience and He is not about having any security other than His Son – Jesus!

Jesus did not come to create some watered down version of Old Testament law or to create some hyped up program so that by enduring a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday weekend you might be “closer to God” by obeying the law better.

Jesus came, ministered, died and was resurrected so that you and I could die and be resurrected with Him to a new life through the reconciliation, sanctification and justification that comes through Christ alone!

Some would say “well you have to try harder” or “pray until you can make it” or “I will pray for you to do better” – But this isn’t the core problem for a person struggling with their relationship with Christ.

The core problem is recognizing the relationship and the Only security they can have which is Jesus! The core problem is for most grasping the Love God has for them – even understanding just a small amount of the Life that God has for you Here and Now!

This Life is more abundant and fuller than you ever thought possible because this Life is not some checklist of dos and donts – this Life is a Life of understanding His Great Love for you. As you grasp the knowledge of the depth of His Love, Love from the Creator of All life – Amazing things will start to happen!

Care to start the journey today?

Care to lose the condemnation, shame and guilt you carry?

Here are the initial 7 questions and scripture that started my journey:

Take a few minutes, get a pen and a piece of paper and take time to write out your answers. These are just 7 questions and scripture – what have you got to lose?!!

God did not call you to survive - He called you to Thrive!

God did not call you to survive – He called you to Thrive!