There is a Tremendous difference between a chicken and a pig!

No where is that more obvious than at breakfast, our first meal of the day. The chicken is extremely dedicated to my breakfast and gives up something very precious to me so that I can enjoy my breakfast – an egg! The pig however is Committed! The pig has nothing to give or offer but its very life so that I can enjoy the results of its life!

If you want to grow in Faith – Be a pig!

Be a pig in these 4 ways:

1) Be committed to the knowledge that God Is in control of All things to include your big finale – death!

2) Be committed to the knowledge that God Is Love and He Radically Loves you beyond your imagination!

3) Be committed to the knowledge that you are no longer under law once in Christ and as such you can stop the insanity of trying to please God by living up to standards God never intended you to!

4) Be committed to the knowledge that Every “Faith growing opportunity” is a Great thing and don’t worry if thins needs to grow on you like fungus!

Below are some random work I recently wrote on Faith while I was waiting to get the word on my wife’s surgery which was an Excellent Faith growing time!


Faith in what you can’t see – His Love – Freely Heals

Faith in what is beyond human possibility – His Love – Freely Gives Peace

Faith in what is undeserved – His Love – Freely Develops Thank-Full-Ness

Faith in what was started in Bethlehem by – His Love – Freely Shines Joy

Faith in what was Finished on the cross by – His Love – Freely Grows Life


Faith comes from hearing the message of Christ which is by – His Love – “For Freedom sake that Christ has set us Free!”


Faith unchallenged is not faith at all!


It isn’t the ones that are challenged by the crashing waves of the sea that are faithless – it’s the ones for whom God is in a box, faith is defined as what building they worship in and good things are a blessing while bad things are a punishment from God – these are the faithless multitudes of spiritual ignorance and religious bliss!



How can we see who has Faith?

We can see who has Faith and who is an infant in Christ by the ones who can rest or have great unrest when Life happens!


I read somewhere recently that Faith is the language of rest – I would like to take that one step further to say Faith Is Rest! Faith Is Rest in The One that Loves you beyond compare! Faith Is Rest in knowing you are Fully Righteous and Holy before The God of ALL creation! Faith Is Rest in knowing that in This moment and in This second as with every other second HE IS IN CONTROL!


Jesus wasn’t upset at the fact the disciples woke Him up on the rough boat ride – He was upset because they couldn’t rest in the awareness that GOD IS IN CONTROL and even if that means death – so be it, it was their time to meet God face to face!


This is why I encourage people to pray for acceptance of what is instead of healing, for in the acceptance of what is there is a healing beyond the physical! This is why I encourage people to meditate so they can learn to listen to the devils voice of unfaith and distrust in the God of Love in each and every moment! This is why “modern science” has come out so strongly on the dangers of stress – stress is faithlessness!


This is why Jesus taught us to look at the lilies of the field, see the sparrows in the air and know how much more valuable we are to Abba, God of All creation, The God who calls us friends and why Jesus said Repeatedly – “do not worry!” Faith IS The worry-Free life!



Faith at the gates of Hell!