“But God did you see the size of that wall”, me. (Chuckle of God from above) “Yes when I made it I did, did you ever see the size of my little finger?” – The Voice of God at one of my walls of Jericho! The greatest challenge people have with Grace is the size of the one they call god – you see My God IS Always Bigger and while I don’t know what He is eating His size keeps increasing as my Faith does!

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27c

The size of God is in direct proportion to your Faith! Once you learn this well seen “secret” that Jesus taught in every step, the size of GOD IS Endless!

It troubled me as a child how Jesus would say don’t let your hearts be troubled and yet so many people who bear His name spend their life wanting everyone unlike themselves to be troubled! I know I was a strange kid but it was thoughts like this and others that for the longest time I wouldn’t allow myself to have until those thoughts made me Very sick and then The Healer took over and I learned to breathe the sweet air of Grace!

On my road of healing I learn lessons and those lessons are what I write and share on my blog, in my talks and to anyone who will listen. Please listen to some here and now:

1) If you want your heart to Not be troubled let your God be bigger than your mind! For most people the very idea of God is just another box! They “know God” or they “know God doesn’t exist” – as long as you have God in a box your mind can conceive your heart will be in a casket that is remarkably the same size as the box you stuffed God in!

Growth Point: Choose a troubled life or a bigger God by opening yourself up to the irrationality of His Great Love for you! My suggestion would be to start with books like “Abbas Child” by Brennan Manning or “Fall to Grace” by Jay Bakker or answer 7 simple questions on my site called “Let The Journey Begin” – and take a journey of not knowing and having Faith instead!

2) If you want to Not be afraid let your God be The God of Grace instead of a god of the rule book! The reason Christ came is so that what was in the time of Adam could be again for All who believed. In the time of Adam there was no sin because there was no law! Law was added later so that transgressions might increase in order that we would see our need to Believe in His name and Be Free from the law! While most Christians Say they believe that – they don’t! In fact Far from believing that they are half grace, half law and All miserable on a good day!

Growth Point: Choose The God of Grace by Any means necessary! Look up to the heavens and ask God to show you His Grace in a New way this New Year and Then Rest in knowing He will! Keep a spiritual journal and Rest in what you discover, email me and we can Skype call sometime perhaps if you like but Open yourself up to His Grace Whatever the cost!

My prayer for us all as this new year kicks off is really simple, “God may we all grow this year to be greater Lights of your Love, Mercy and Grace than we were last year!” – In Jesus name Amen!