Make 2015 the year of HIS PEACE! In a new series on called “pieces or PEACE” we look at what HIS PEACE looks like and why it’s so elusive for many – I hope you will join us on this PEACE-FULL Journey!

There has always been a high price paid for pieces of peace here on earth but for your permanent personal Peace that passes All understanding a price beyond what anyone considered possible would be paid! Even with this payment in full, Very few ever accept it and as a result all the war, grief, pain and bitterness on earth is created and perpetuated!

Peace I leave with you; MY PEACE I give you.” – John 14:27a

Jesus left us His Peace but most choose pieces of peace instead! It’s Freely available, its right Here and Now, right under your nose but alas most never find it. Here is a simple guide to help you start off 2015 with the journey of Being in His Peace! The reason it’s a journey is that His Peace grows as we accept life by Faith and Faith will grow until we die IF we make this journey! Here is the map:

1) Forgive and Forget starts at home! The Bible tells us that God parts our sins as far as the east is from the west – for you to do less for yourself makes you out to act like God and makes God a liar – not a good position to be in for His Peace! In fact this is the number 1 stumbling block for most and as such it creates a judge where there needs to be an Unconditional Lover because “sin” unforgiven in me by me sets me up as judge of myself and others.

2) Leave the law and embrace Christ! The words of Jesus in the Bible were very clear, “if you love me obey MY commands” – His commands were simple, “believe in me” and “Love others as I have Loved you” – why must this be it? First off because Faith in Him is the absence of faith in you in any way, shape or form. To Not be of this world is not a matter of actions as much as it’s a matter of comfort! We will look more in-depth at this in part 2 of this series but for now remember – the greater Faith you have in Christ, the less faith you have in anything but Him to include the law and your works!


3) Rest in the Uncompromising Truth of His Unconditional Love and Forgiveness! Faith Is Rest! When Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest,” He was talking to people who were exhausted and had pretty much given up on being in Gods favor because of the law and the brow beating they were given by the religious leaders. Growing Faith is a continual returning to Rest in Him! This Journey of Peace is a continual returning to Rest in Him! Leaving the law and Grace-Full Growth is a continual returning to rest in Him! Returning to Rest in Him isn’t failure its Faith-Full growth!

I hope you will stay with this series as we examine how to Be In His Peace and how Being In His Peace Is Being Grace-Full!