And as many times as I in anguish fell, I continued to fall into the Loving embrace of The Divine Ones beautiful Grace and was brought back to resting in knowing “His Grace is Sufficient for me.”

How easily we forget that the soul within each of us needs and hungers for a very different food. One of the beautiful blessings of The Divine is understanding that the nurturing feast freely given is Always served up fresh. Just as food nurtures our physical body, the soul food served at The Divine Buffet nourishes the soul creating the growth of Faith, Hope, Love and Goodness Here and Now – How?

  1. By starting our feast with an appetizer of universal need. We have all sinned. We All need love and hope and peace which once recognized as our primary need allows for the main meal to be served.
  2. The love, hope and peace which is so desperately desired in our deepest being is served in abundance and perfectly prepared for those willing to make the journey through the serving line. But be aware that this journey exposes our need, shows that we lack something and for that reason many never make the narrow and rugged path, choosing instead to eat the junk food of pain.
  3. For those willing to continually refresh their plate with the entrees of love, hope and peace it must be picked up by the utensil called Faith and put on the plate called Grace. One of the greatest things about Faith is this, as we use this utensil we begin to depend on it and realize it’s always there for us, this creates a rest, a knowing that our plate of Grace will always have more than enough for us.
  4. Since we have more than enough love, hope and peace others ask about where that is in the serving line and knowing the sweetness of the bread of life we can show them the abundant supply of soul nutrition. We explain that there is never a shortage of what our souls need but the utensil needed to get it, Faith, is Resting in the understanding that All my needs are already met in The Chef named Perfect Love Who takes away All fear and never lacks to make Good come from even the worst ingredients.

“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry,” … John 6:35a

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