Perfect Loves Medication – 3

“Leave everything to follow Love” … the crazy suggestion of an out of work carpenter Who just stumbled out of the desert. Crazy – Yes, Healing – Absolutely!

The medication of Perfect Love is in the passionate acceptance of our current being and a gentle encouragement to step away from the comfort of our pain and the temporary fixes that ease it for a life of unknown examination into and healing from that pain. In short it’s a healing journey that will have unexpected cost but also incalculable soul riches.

Soul riches are the lessons and “AHA moments” that bring us peace that could only come from The Divine Who is Love beyond human comprehension. Soul riches are the lessons that heal our hurts, create kinder, more understanding souls in us and make for some Awesome moments that give Hope, Faith and Love to all. Soul riches are readily available and freely given in the time and place that best unlock the often generational and always life limiting pain that is balled up inside us.

But how does this great feat happen?

1. By seeing The Divine as Perfect Love we see the acceptance of us as we are by One Who is Greater than us.

2. By resting in this acceptance we can begin to let our guard down and release burdens we have carried.

3. By accepting this awareness of the burdens that used to haunt us we observe how that limited love, kindness, compassion, empathy and peace for ourselves and others.

4. By living in this awareness we begin to see The Divine Perfect Lover Who is in control of All things and moments bringing us life lessons and love bolstering moments in the most peculiar and beautiful ways.

 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” … Matthew 4:19

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