Divine Love is from The Divine One Who is continuously allowing moments, events and individuals to create a greater spirit of Peace, Hope, Faith, Love, Understanding, Compassion and Acceptance for All.

When we live in the light of the knowledge of the above concept we can rest in whatever happens and whoever comes into our life. But to be very clear we are All imperfect beings “for All have sinned” and in that we can often get frustrated with Perfect Love and it’s mission of constant growth.

The option however is religious comfort which looks like The Divine be a morality policeman and for some strange reason the rules are strangely similar to our society or cultural norms.

The choice belongs to each of us but the results are very clear:

1. One Way opens a life of learning, the other an existence of futility.

2. One Way allows pain create growth, the other says pain is punishment.

3. One Way allows for differences, the other makes differences to be wrong.

4. One Way gives “Peace that passes All understanding” as we accept each other’s weaknesses, the other makes a competitive atmosphere of goodness and evaluating each other which creates ego and depression at best.

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