There is so little to be concerned about when you Know God Is Love!
This is not true about the legalist because they can, according to the law they follow fall out of favor with God. Lets get one thing straight “the law Never made anyone holy” and yes this includes Jesus!                                       
Grace-Full awareness and growth on the other hand makes one holy at the moment of belief in Christ when “All things become new!” Is there still growth? Yes! The growth is in the development of the Fruits of The Spirit! These grow as a natural byproduct if you will of the heart awareness of The Gift of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that we did nothing to earn it and have no requirements placed on us to keep it! 
Will there be some who go crazy in this awareness – sure! Just like some go crazy in the awareness of how good a pop tart taste – and it is Very possible that you will see many “doing” things that you disagree with – this is Very likely a point where God wants you to grow in Love and Acceptance and in Nonjudgmental Love! 
Does it hurt to see someone hurt themselves? Well, Yes! Is this a good chance to shine the light of His Unconditional Love? ABSOLUTELY!!
Every moment in each of our lives has been beautiful orchestrated by The God Who Is Love and Loves us Unconditionally!
Live in the Heart Awareness of the above statement and your very Life itself will Blossom into a beauty beyond anything you could ever thought possible!