In Peace Practices 1 and Peace Practices 2 we looked at how to begin to grow into Peace that passes all understanding. In this Peace Practices I want to start diving into some exercises I have tried and try to do regularly – but first remember this – don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day or two and find what works for you.

With that said if you want to have Peace “Be Still and Know that He Is God” – in short meditation has been a huge part of my Peace Practices.


Let me state for the record I learned how to meditate from the Buddhist – primarily because I couldn’t find any Christians who taught meditation when I began to learn. Now the idea of Christian meditation seems to be popping up everywhere and I am so very glad to see that.

I preface this with saying I am NOT part of any particular denomination or sect of Christianity – although I am a Christian I feel organized Christianity has left the teachings of Christ for the most part. Now some styles of meditation:


  1. Ignatian Meditation – you may want to google this or even youtube it as there are some Great videos on this. This continues to be a huge help to my shame base which has troubled me my whole life. This is a form of meditation based on creative visualization of putting yourself in the moment in the Bible stories. WONDERFUL way to connect with the beauty and Love of Christ!
  2. Gratitude Meditation – Great way to start your day – breathe in and say: “Thank you God” breathe out and say another think that you are Thankful for. Works Great on walks or even looking out the car window – Example: “Thank you God” … “For that tree” – Try it out with your eyes closed at home or as you walk down the street.
  3. Mindfulness Meditation – you can grasp a better handle on this with a simple google search as well however this is basically breathing and being aware of your breath in and out. When your mind wanders (and it will) simply come back to the breath without condemning yourself for it and start again – just like each new breath is a new opportunity so is your each moment that you are awake to Gods Unconditional, Eternal and Inseparable Love for you.


I hope and pray that this helps and that “The Peace Practices” are beginning to make a difference in your life.


God Love you beyond your ability to conceive or imagine Love!