Growing in a GraceFull Spirit means leaving a performance based mindset for an Acceptance based Relationship with self and others… and hang on tight, its a bumpy ride.



“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” … 1 Peter 3:8



If we maintain an attitude of a performance based religion with GOD, we will never be able to accept ourselves or others.


If we open ourselves up to His Grace we drop the law, pick up the LOVE and Life itself becomes a journey of Growing into Greater Acceptance of self and others.


What I have found to be True is that GOD has a way of placing people in my path who help that growing process and help me see the weaknesses in me so I can ripen as a lover. This is rarely easy and never comfortable but I am growing to look forward to discomfort in an Odd way.


Discomfort I have found is really where Gods Grace grows best. Think about the Heroes of the Bible and you will be hard pressed to find one who was allowed to stay “comfortable” by human standards. In fact I am constantly seeing that the human comfort zone is rarely if ever The Devine Comfort Zone. Why?

  1. As humans we are naturally inclined to act on a performance based value system Which is the opposite of Gods LOVE based system.
  2. Acting on our innate system is the origin of sin, pain, distance from others and hate for ourselves.


This is why we are encouraged in this and many other passages to “be likeminded” which is the mind of Christ … in other words LOVE All and judge no one.


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