Our Common Need

What does my neighbor Need?

It’s a simple question but one that is revolutionary in nature and incredibly needed today.

What is it that my neighbor Needs to have greater peace, hope and a sense of love that in uncompromisingly, passionately and unconditionally with him always?

This is the question The Divine seeks for us to have inscribed on our hearts as this question invites us into the incredible desire of The Lover beyond human comprehension for each of us to have the most Amazing and Wonderful life here and now.

How does this mindset heal all:

  1. It takes our mind off of our pain through the smile on someone else’s face.

  2. It creates greater connectivity between two or more of The Divines children.

  3. It opens others to the idea of a life involving a passionate purpose to care for others.

  4. It shines the same light that shined through The Divines Son.

  5. It opens a small glimmer of what heaven must be like.

  6. It allows for the Heart and Soul of The Divine to be seen among us.

  7. It creates a greater understanding of The Divines purpose for us to simply “love each other.”

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