Opening the least likely Gift – 2

As a young boy of five perhaps the most disappointing moment of my year was opening up a Christmas present to find woolen socks hand knitted by my grandmother. As young man of 17 the disappointment was in myself as I could not stop thinking about sexual things and I “knew” what I was thinking about was a sin.

Alas I was a “flightless flier” and that almost killed me – literally.

A “flightless flier” as I mentioned in “Opening the least likely Gift – 1” is someone who spiritually sinks into a comfortable misery in security Outside of “The Gift” often seen in one of the following ways:

  1. Comfortable answers often formed around what makes good human common sense but forces a belief system about The Divine that forces a defensiveness and a group culture of like minded hidden pain. This is most often seen in religious groups with legalist boundaries.

  2. Comfortable pain relievers that are created most evidently in those using drugs, alcohol, sex, power, money or any of a myriad of temporary “feel good” measures to cope with hidden pain. This is can be seen almost anywhere from bars to religious organizations to support groups where a person changes one pain reliever for another.

  3. Comfortable walls that are defended by emotions like anger or logic based scripts that were memorized or taught informally by early significant others and “life lessons.” This is most evident in a bitter older person or often heard in phrases like, “that’s just the way it is” or “just deal with it.”

The reason the above is called a “flightless flier” is due to the idea of the fight or flight response. Instead of taking the journey to “the kingdom of God within” which is a fight against human common sense they flee to a comfortable misery that allows the world to make sense to them. The greatest challenge with this is the mirror of the soul that causes all “flight” from our spiritual journey to be useless as we will have to face our pain.

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