Opening the least likely Gift

The day that really says the most about a gift is a week or two after it was given. So in keeping with the series I wrote for Christmas, The least likely Gift, I would like to share some thoughts on “The Indescribable Gift” long after it was given.

The Gift and it’s ability to heal is far beyond what we mere mortals can comprehend because The Gift is Divine. While it is humanly comforting to have The Gift in a box, it is soulfully damming and therefore spiritually defeating at best.

So how is it that so many keep “The Gift” in a box?

  1. The religious limit “The Gift” to make their followers feel more right or feel closer to The Divine than other groups or denominations.

  2. The hurt limit “The Gift” by hanging onto the hurt and pain because that makes sense to them and has developed into a comfortable misery.

  3. The deniers limit “The Gift” by human reasoning and mortal logic often brought on by hurt or pain but always used to create a mental and emotional comfort zone.

All 3 of the above create a group I like to call the “flightless fliers” and I will explain that in-depth over the coming days – but for now this is a group that has chosen to flee over fight, again more to come.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” … 2 Corinthians 9:15

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