“Peace on earth” didnt come by silenced guns because they have never been silenced.


“Peace on earth” comes from a soul that has been Completely Reconciled to Love beyond human imagination.


“Peace on earth” comes from the understanding that “The Gift beyond compare” has been “Freely” given and can Only be “Freely” received.


“Peace on earth” comes from growing in the knowledge that the law with its heavy burden
and demand for sacrifices repeatedly, has been removed from my life because The Love that came from Heaven above has Reconciled me to The GOD Who Is Love, Perfect Love that drives out All fear and that Perfect Love, Loves me as I am, Not as I should be!


“Peace on earth” Rest upon the soul of the being that has realized that they have been made wHOLeY as He Who Loves them with Perfect Love is HOLY Not because they earned it but because through one Faithfully Perfect Sacrifice of Love beyond human conception GOD and man were, are and Always will be United!


“Peace on earth” starts with personal Peace being based on His work, on His deeds and His Love for us and Not on our effort to keep laws. Keeping laws creates division, strife and war! The Only law to keep is “Love one Another!”


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