All we ever needed came the First Christmas! When we see that life becomes Much easier!


Peace – Not based on our performance any longer but based on His Gift beyond compare! Human performance is based on this world and our moods or circumstances but His Gift beyond Compare is based on His Great Love for you!


Rest – Not based on exhaustion but based on His Grace Being sufficient to make you Holy as He Is Holy, full of Grace and Truth! Rest is temporary at best when based on our efforts and achievements because it will always fall short!


Hope – Not based on works accomplished or boxes checked but based on Christ In you as He has come in to dine with you and He Is The Bread of Life! Hope based on our works will be an ego driven hope that on a good day will turn off others to a god of a caste system and on a bad day will drop you into discouragement and depression!


Grace – Not based on what anything deserved but based on The Gods Inexhaustible and Incomparable Love and desire to hold you in His Compassionate arms and tell you how Precious you are to Him! Grace based on group think or denominational-ism is nothing more than membership requirements to an exclusive Sunday club but Christ Is The End of the law for All who Believe!


Life – Not based on position or achievement but based on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ because by one man’s sin we fell and by One Man’s sacrifice we were made whole! Life based on position or achievement is a constant effort for a god of More which leaves us at the whim of societal values instead of Being His Light of Love!


Love – Not based on being deserved or earned but Love beyond any conceivable by the human mind! A Love, The Love that is Perfect, will never end or stumble or leave you but will Always embrace, hold and heal the hurt which is all too often in a world of hurt. This Perfect Love is the starting point for All the other Christmas gifts of Peace, Rest, Hope, Grace and Life and grasping this Love is not a matter of understanding it but Trusting that it exist and makes you wHOLeY, Complete with no more need for anything!


Take The Journey:


Let The Journey Begin!


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