Perfect Love is a lifelong journey that provides a path for us to help heal the pain in the world… IF we see Perfect Love As Perfect Love and see spirituality as a journey to “the kingdom of God” which is inside us.

Grasping that Divine Perfect Love is impossible for imperfect mortal beings to ever fully understand allows 3 Magical Life Affirming Precepts to thrive in us:

1. Release of ego and self righteousness – allowing closer communion with each other and The Divine – Romans 3:23

2. Acceptance of moment to moment Miracles – allowing a greater understanding of each event and moment in our life to Be as it is and to Be part of The Divine mystery that is our GraceFull Journey – Matthew 6:25-34

3. Greater ThankFullness – allowing our sense of The Divine to permeate our Journey as The Guiding Light of Perfect Love allows for lessons from the past and pains in our present to All work together for our Good – Romans 8:28

If you would like to grow in the mystery of Divine Love here are a few places you might want to check out: