“The worst thing that ever happened to the Christian Faith is it became legal. That was quickly followed by the second worst then thing to happen; it became the “state religion” – wisdom from my dad Robert E Hildreth 1.

Who was Jesus talking to when He said the following and why does it matter?

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

The statement above essentially made Jesus an “outlaw!” The statement above essentially made Jesus and His followers into criminals, traitors and Freedom Fighters from the established school of thought that the law was the path to God!

Sadly most are still on the law path – especially those that call themselves Christians!

The path of the legalist is a constant striving to “do better”, “do more” and “keep in line” to fit in and be accepted to be loved!

The path for the Grace-Full is a way of understanding, a growth in Who God Is, What He did and How much He Loves you and me!

When Jesus said the above statement He was talking to people who made it their life’s work to keep the law, follow the rules and “do” the right thing! When Jesus said the above statement He was talking about Being cleansed, Forgiven and Resting in Him – NOT in what you do, who you think you are or what you have accomplished!

The law is the path TO Christ – Not the path from Christ to God! The law brings you broken, unable and incapable into the Loving, Mighty and Always open Arms of the Father Who will Be with You ALWAYS!

In this way the law is good – but it doesn’t come close to Jesus! In this way the law is His tool and Christ in you is the finished work! In this way you can have an Abundant Life right Here and Now!


Christ IS the way!