Why don’t you have Peace?

You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.” – Acts 10:36

Why do you still struggle? Do you still have moments in the stillness and quietness where you are not at peace?

It’s ok to say yes! Only in saying yes can we see God’s full power.

Most Christians don’t have Peace, His Peace, for a very simple reason – they are half Grace and half law and All Miserable!

Ask yourself this question – what is the purpose of the law? Why did God give it to the children of Israel in the first place and how does it create Peace?

The law was only meant to bring you to Jesus – it was never meant to be something that determines your value to Him, brings you closer to Him or creates a false sense of security that you are doing something right!

He is our righteousness, He is our holiness and He is the end of the law for ALL who BELIEVE!

With this in mind let me share with you some forms of cheap Grace I hear a lot:

1)    “Well my sin is covered but those pedophiles, rapist and child molesters – well there sin is bigger than mine.” – I see so the god you follow is limited to the sins you have committed but others – oh well.

2)   “Well of course all my sins are covered but I still struggle with ___________.” I see so you are still under just this one law – Grace is All or nothing!

3)   “But I need to do _____________ to _____________.” I see so His cross was not enough for you and you have to add to it – His Grace is sufficient for me!

4)   “Well we all know ‘God is love’ and “His grace is sufficient for me’ BUT” – I see so you want to stick your big but in where it doesn’t belong – God’s process – “By Grace through Faith and NOT of ourselves so no one can boast.”

Will some see Grace as a license to fill the desires of their flesh? Yes some will and some will do it for a long time and some will do it for a short time because the Peace will draw them back. Still others just walked down an aisle said something on a piece of paper and now live as they please BUT it’s not my job to judge ONLY LOVE!

The Peace of Christ is easy but a difficult journey. It involves never ending questions and never having solid answers on the vast majority of anything. But here in lies the Peace – He Is Lord of All!


There is a choice you can make!