How does God Still heal?

Gods healing is only limited by mans refusal to accept it! This is why it takes Faith!

If a person believes in the Goodness and Greatness of God based on His Incomprehensible, Undeserved and All Encompassing, Relentless and Unconditional Love, then they grow to realize that Now Is Perfect! Here Is Perfect! As this growth continues they begin to understand that Perfect Love drives out All fear and as they develop Trust in that Love beyond human comprehension all that was fades, all that will be is at Peace and All that Is, Is Gods Amazing Grace!

Does God still heal? YES! And the greatest healing miracle is healing each one who dares to drop the religiosity veil, pick up the shield of Faith in the unseen Hope of Who He Is, What He has Finished and the Reconciled state in which they Now And Forevermore Freely Stand at the foot of the cross And Rest in His Amazing Grace!

My Healing started with this link:

Let The Journey Begin!
He Is The Great “I AM”
Therefore you are and can!