My Messiah – 9 – Knowing the purpose!


The “why?” to the life, ministry, death, burial and Resurrection of Christ is crucial to understanding Grace, The Abundant Life and All we Really can and need to Know about God.


Knowing everything or even most things about God makes someone a religious giant but a Spiritual infant at best and a Spiritual idiot at worst. The key to God is Not “knowing” it’s Faith!


By oppression and judgment he was taken away.Yet who of his generation protested?For he was cut off from the land of the living;for the transgression of my people he was punished.” – Isaiah 53:8


What causes oppression and judgement? What is the source of oppression and judgement?
For me they both came from the law. This doesn’t make the law bad, it just makes Jesus and Gods plan the Best!


The purpose of the law was, is and always will be to lead us TO Christ. The sad reality though is one of satan’s best tricks and tools is to create the idea in the minds of believers that the law is a way to evaluate for righteousness. This misguided idea creates further condemnation, judge mental people, depression, oppression and basically it causes someone to miss out on The Grace God!


If you want a Bible study that may lead you to a further knowledge of His True Grace please click on the link below:



Let The Journey Begin!



Korean- Law and Grace – 7 questions that will create Love!



Пусть путешествие начнется!



Swahili- Let the Journey begin!


Please pray about other translations as I am hoping to get the 7 questions in several other languages to include Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.


The why was on the cross!