When you teach Christ Alone one thing you quickly find out is that you will be alone a whole lot.


In short it’s because man is not comfortable in Resting in what he can’t see or in other words Faith Alone is uncomfortable and satan plays on that. There is a very good reason why the devils first approach to Eve played on her ego and ability.


He was despised and rejected by mankind,a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.Like one from whom people hide their faces He was despised, and we held him in low esteem.” – Isaiah 53:3


Why did Jesus have to be “despised and rejected by mankind”?


I have always heard that it was so we could see that Jesus understood our pain when we feel hurt and rejected and that is very true. But as I have mulled this passage over in my head for several days I wondered if there was another reason or reasons and as always your feedback is appreciated.


1)Is it possible that man in a, works based creates ego state, doesn’t like the idea that they have No righteousness and No control over their righteousness?
2)Is it possible that others will consider a Christ Alone Grace Based follower as religiously lazy due to being Spiritually awake to the Only True Righteousness coming from Christ Alone?
3)Is it possible that many people still “hide their faces” from Christ in that their true public face still maintains an air of religious confidence as opposed to the reality of Spiritual destitution?


Perhaps the reason so many outcast, despised, hated and “evil” people felt so at home and so passionate about being near Jesus is that they knew their need, they saw Unconditional Love in His eyes and they heard of Unimaginable Love and Acceptance from Him by The God Who Loved them Exactly as they were and Not as they should be!