The simplest reason why so few believe Grace, Gods Love or the Immensity of His Gift is because Divine Truth makes no human common sense. The voice of the evil one wants you to listen with your own understanding, see with human eyes and think with mortal understanding.


Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” – Isaiah 53:1


If human understanding could explain God all creation would be in a tragic position for 2 reasons:


1)There would be no reason for Faith. Faith in a Goodness beyond what we could ever explain Is what keeps the lights on so to speak. Faith in Love that’s better than love we have seen here on earth is what keeps us positive and gives us the will to carry on in the darkest moments of both personal and human history.
2)God and man would be on equal footing of understanding and as such man’s ego would be unbearable and/or Gods ability would be very limited. Either way life would no longer be a journey toward Love and existence itself would be meaningless.


The difference between My Messiah now and the messiah that religion shoved on me is that My Messiah grows in Goodness, Love, Power, Hope, Peace and Grace whereas the messiah that I was raised with as a young hellion was a cosmic policeman ready willing and able to taser me for the slightest infraction in the watered down comfort laws of my denomination!


Care to see the Biblical idea of My Messiah? Check out the link below and answer a few questions:


Let The Journey Begin!