How could so many people get so much wrong about the coming Messiah?


How does that attitude affect and influence us today?


What would the change be If we saw a different Messiah?


These are the questions along with others I hope to dive into in a new series called, “My Messiah” as we dig into the reality of His healing us by understanding Who He Is to us, in us and through us.


In this first episode let’s look at mistaken exhalation.


See, my servant will act wisely; He will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.” – Isaiah 52:13


To God the wisest act you can take is to have Faith in Him! The night Jesus was arrested He was so full of doubt that drops of sweet came off His brow. To say that He was stressed is like saying air is important for life on earth, But He Trusted God, “acted wisely” and was raised on the cross and lifted up. He was Absolutely “highly exalted” But Not in the way most think of, at least not at first.


Why is this important?


3 reasons really:


1)Gods ways are Not our ways and the more we look into “The Messiah” series the more we will see that and perhaps see God in a whole new way.

2)”Acting wisely” in Gods eyes is many times Not acting wisely in the eyes of human common sense.

3)When in doubt about which way is Gods way here is a hint – it’s Always the way of Love – even if and when His Love looks different from ours.