The god of MORE is the single most Hell-born and bred, life sucking parasite that will ever invade you and most don’t even know when and where this satanic charmer comes from or develops!


The god of MORE is what has been used since Eve was in the garden to make us want MORE than Abbas Love, Hope, Peace and Grace which is sufficient. The god of MORE will enter in at the slightest moment of dissatisfaction or doubt and before you know it will have you building your own personal Tower of Babel. Your tower might not be a physical tower but one of “just a little More money, so I can help others” or “just a little More religion, so I can be a better example for others” or “just a little More power, so I can make positive changes in the world!”

Three things to notice in this voice from darkness:

1) It sounds like something good will come of it. It comes masked in goodness just like the MORE temptations did with Christ in the desert.

2) It places you in the drivers seat which will inevitable take the ThankFullness away from Abba, the focus away from His Gift and therefore takes you away from His Peace!

3) It takes your life from you as you are no longer a Being but instead you are a doing! His Grace Is sufficient for you!

His Grace, His Gift and His Love is ALL waiting for you Here and Now and Is the Only path to Peace! When Jesus said, “I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life” – He was inviting you, me and people who followed the god of More religiously to find The God of Life, Abba Father, Who is and Always will be Radically in Love with you just as you are, not as you should be and wanting to give you Peace, Hope, Joy, Love and a Beautiful life Right Here and Right Now!
I started my day today with this meditation and it set my heart to singing! God will bring the people and places and things to mind but try 10 or 15 minutes of coming up with something new in the blank with each breath:

Breathe in and say:

“Thank you God for”

Breathe out and say:

“____________________” (Anything and Everything is exactly the way He wants it right now – so thank Him for things as they are – not as they should be!)

#godislove #godlovesyouasyouare #love