What the church misses is Who Christ Is, What He Finished and Where that places Anyone who Believes!


Who Is Christ?


He Is the end of the law for All who believe! He didnt come to change the law just your relationship to it. Faith makes you as Righteous as Christ the second you Believe!


What did He Finish?


He Finished what the law started! The law was created so that our transgressions might increase. Christ actually made More law while He was here … why? Because the law was my tutor, showing me my badness so the I could find His Goodness! He took away the sins of the world!


Where does His Gift on the cross place you?


All who believe are Reconciled to God, connected to Him Forever! Because of His Perfect All fear is Gone! You who believe have been Justified, made right before God! All who believe are as Clean and Pure as they could be and that can Never be taken away! If your heart does not condemn you, you are Not condemned … NOW LIVE!


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Let The Journey Begin!


BeGraceFull in 2018!