The missing Messiah – 1

Several years after the death, burial and resurrection of Christ a few people whose lives had been changed because of their chance meeting with Jesus all felt a pull to get together. They felt a need to relate how, why and what The Messiah really had done and how this crazy movement called “the way” had indeed radically altered the very foundations of their souls and in so doing every breath they took.

You see many had come and gone claiming to be “the messiah.” The fact is so many had come and so many claims had been made that these chosen blessed souls who were never the same after “the touch of The Masters hand” knew they needed to bring their stories together to create a celebration, a remembrance if you will of the impossible done by The Improbable by The Love of The Immortal Almighty so that the undeniably undeserving could “taste and see that The Lord is Good.”

And so the band of ragamuffins, this group of bedraggled, scared outcast that no one else wanted set a date to meet as what we now know as December 25th. This day in the calendar of the time was a pagan holiday but for several reasons this band of societal scum felt it was the perfect time to meet and share. First off, they wanted to invite many people who would be going to various celebrations to come and hear their stories because they saw the hurt in the eyes of those who were following the “3 d gods of proper society” which we will talk about later. Secondly, the followers of “the way” wanted have a time when they could all get together, the master and the slave, the Jew and the Greek, the lowest cast and the nobility would all be able to slip away from the revelry of the celebrations without arousing any suspension that might lead to their persecutors knowing the locations of their meeting places. Thirdly all those who had been touched needed and felt compelled to share their stories as they felt an ever encroaching sense that The Messiah and The message that began in a small lean to of a barn with a new born covered in cow slobber, that this unexpected and humblest of beginnings Was in fact The Missing Messiah.

Over the next few days on the stories of “the most blessed rejects” and “The Missing Messiah” will be shared and it is my deepest Christmas wish that you will join me for this journey into the heart of the forgotten who by The Love of The Creator opened up a hurting and pain stricken world to The Passionate and Relentless GraceFull embrace of God Almighty!