Missing The Garden


If we miss The Love we miss The Victory … if we miss The Victory we will still be fighting instead of living in Peace and offering love to others.


To me sin is Not breaking a law I am No longer under. The longer I am on the road of Grace the more I see “sin” as Missing The Garden.


“Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.” … Genesis 2:8


The Garden is where we are at each and every moment of our life once we see The Gift of Perfect Love and the Absolute Freedom it provides. The challenge is we miss The Garden because we want MORE!


As a species we have been wanting MORE since we were created and that cost us Everything that is Here and Now Which is what we need to see and experience to enjoy Life and learn to Love others like He Loved us.


How do we miss The BLESSING of Here and Now?

What does it cost us to miss it?

How do we pay for missing The Blessing?

How is The Blessing provided?


I hope to examine these questions and others in the next few devotionals but if you want to examine the path to The BLESSING and Not miss The Garden Click the link below:


Let The Journey Begin!