The “wisdom” of mortals is foolishness to Perfect Love. In our “wisdom” we strive for only what we can see, do, know and feel – totally missing love most of the time and making a mockery of Perfect Love with rare glimmers of exceptions. As a result, Peace eludes us, Rest has to be medicated and Hope is only for tomorrow not Here and Now!



The disciples did not understand any of this. Its meaning was hidden from them, and they did not know what he was talking about.” – Luke 18:34



Jesus had just spoken very plainly about what was about to happen. In case you missed it, you can take a look at “Cheap love” the devotional from yesterday. But before we start thinking that the disciples were a thick headed lot and not the sharpest tools in The Carpenters shed, let’s examine how we, with all our advanced wisdom and capability miss the very plain message of Christ even today. How do we cheapen Perfect Love, miss His real message and rape the Grace of God?


1)We make God in our image instead of resting that we are All made in His image. Imagine the Peace we would have if we saw each and every other being on earth as a being knit together in their mothers womb by God Almighty!


2)We create the “comfort sins” or the ones that we are ok with and push the idea that anything outside of that is “really bad” – homosexuality is “really bad” but “thinking about” committing adultery while looking at Sports Illustrated is ok! “You are no longer under the law” has become a way to practice denominational or cultural Grace.



Its not knowing and observing the law that makes Anyone Righteous – it’s All from the cross! It’s not religion or ritual that makes Anyone Righteous – it’s All from the cross!


If people who had followed Jesus and heard Him speak for years didn’t  understand what He was talking about – what chance do we have?

ALL we need to do is “have Faith” that Jesus “Finished” All you need for Righteousness!


Missing LOVE