Remembering for spiritual health

What do you remember and how does it affect you?

Is there a remembering that can help you grow and heal?

Please read Philippians 1: 3-6

Vs. 3 “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Remembering can bring health and healing or it can bring about your spiritual demise. Perhaps this is why the Bible talks about take thoughts in captivity. You are not your thoughts and you don’t have to have them control you but you can also have them work for you in your spiritual walk.


Write down the growth, the thankful moments and the wonder of God!

Two things that have helped me grow, and please understand I am not above anyone or trying to say I have some wisdom- I am just throwing out these ideas:

1)    Meditate- learn how to stop, breath and listen to God- that’s all meditation is for me.

2)   Remembering God as I see His goodness. I do this through many ways but one great one I have found is a journal.

With regard to the second one here is an idea for practical spiritual growth. See the goodness of God in the small things- even if it’s finally finding your car keys but being late because His timing is perfect- why not write it down.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to show this journal to your children or a close friend and thereby help them see His goodness?

I have a small one that I started during my third trip to Iraq. I think it would be great to come by your town for a visit and then share the goodness of God. Remember it’s not by works and not by power but by His Spirit- so keep a praise notebook based on His goodness and what that showed you- Not on your effort or doing or legalistic achievement as that is not what God is giving you. He came to bring Life and Life abundant so remember the Life as He grows it!!

Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!

Example Jesus Journal on a crazy day- 9/08/2011- “Today there was a very long stretch where I didn’t step on any rocks so my feet feel really good. In addition we had No, not a single incoming rocket or mortar today. Plus God taught me something very cool today- someone taught me an Arabic phrase- “speak to the wall so that the window will hear.” When I heard this it was like God saying, “Sometimes the difficulty that you go through is for the benefit of those around you- so they can grow in Love.” Imagine isn’t it so wonderful that we could be used by God to bless others while we are in the middle of the porta-potty of life!!”


Life and the quality of each moment you live will be very much dependent on which you choose in that moment!


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Array on Memories – for spiritual health!

  1. Now, what was I going to say? lol
    I really got into this.
    I have always though meditation was like some East Indian type of thing, a specified kind of ceremony act.
    I like your method better, and I no longer fear it.
    I always say, “God’s in the small things, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact.” Actually this just came to me. lol
    I keep starting a prayer/praise journal, but I always end up losing it for some reason. I swear there’s a black hole or something in my room. lol
    I really liked your example of a journal entry. Nice and simple. As my mom always says, “Keep it simple stupid.”
    I’ve always like that verse/passage from Philippians.
    Anyway, thank you for this bro.
    Love….Your brother, Scott.

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Great to hear from you brother!
      Thank you for sharing – I Praise God that anything
      good can come through my writing!
      I learned to meditate because I had to – PTSD and other
      tools of God got me to take a serious look at it.
      The more I read from people like Fr. Thomas Keating and Fr. Thomas
      Merton the more I saw a Christian side to it.
      My practice is a bit different but meditation to me is
      like a song or a verse of poetry – what do I need to hear
      this moment. Sometimes its as easy as:
      Breathe in and say:
      “Be still and know”
      Breathe out and say:
      “That I am God”
      I sit quietly with my eyes close and in my mind I get a picture of His
      Amazing outstretched arms reaching out to hold me – and I can rest.

      Other times it is more complicated but it always brings me back to the central truth:
      Knowing this I can always rest in His Being!

      Love you brother!

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