Made By Love

We were all born into this world the same way but what or who made us, also defines us.

When we see The One Who made us as Perfect Love, all our past which created our present can begin to be unwrapped so that our future is a Beautiful Journey.

What does this look like:

1. We acknowledge our past challenges which created our present being and celebrate who we are instead of curse what happened to us.

2. We see the common link in those challenges and hurdles as being processes and ideas in us that need to change, grow and develop.

3. We accept the weaknesses in ourselves and because of that we have greater compassion and acceptance of the weaknesses and processes in those around us.

4. We enable Perfect Love to shine through us to a greater degree and we learn that the more we allow Perfect Love to shine on and accept our darkest innermost parts, the greater our peace, hope, love and life we can enjoy here and now.

“And he answered him, ‘Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and put on manure.” Luke 13:8

The manure that was dumped on us will create the fruit that Perfect Love desires our scars to give others when we Rest in the Acceptance that Perfect Love Freely provides to all.

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