Macho Soul 3 …


We are all connected. While politics, borders, religions and a multitude of other man made ideologies can and do say otherwise … we are All one. Created in the image of The One Who Is Perfect Love.


for unclean and godless people will enter your gates no longer.” … Isaiah 52:1c


The Christian religion misses The Good News because like all religions they focus on the wrong thing.


The Real Good News to those on a GraceFull journey looks like this:


1) God Is Perfect Love and He Loves us All with “everlasting, eternal and unconditional Perfect Love and He sent Son to let us see how much and to “Reconcile” and “Justify” All of us.


2) We were All made in the image of Perfect Love to Rest in Perfect Love and show love as best we can to each other.


3) If our image or thoughts of Who and What God Is doesn’t create Greater Hope, Peace and most importantly Love right here and now – we don’t truly have His image and we need to change it.


To see what started me on the “Macho Soul” journey click the link below:


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