Macho Soul …

Where does strength, true strength, for the soul come from?

What is it that allows the spirit of someone awaken and keep going long after the body and everything else has seemed to give up?

The Greater we can see the permanence and unconditional nature of The Perfect Love that is constantly and consistently embracing us all, the greater our Awakened resilient spiritual strength will be.

Wake up, wake up, O Zion! Clothe yourself with strength.” … Isaiah 52:1a

The biggest threat to Christianity isn’t lawbreakers outside the gate, it’s Love withholders inside the gate. The Love that is beyond human comprehension IS that which Awakens the soul and clothes it with strength.

When the strength of our soul comes from the depth of His Love, our source for strength is eternal, endless and a magnet to All.

Would you like to begin to grow a Macho Soul? A great place to start is the link below – nothing for sale there and no push to join anything … just an idea of a Love that helps me daily: