Lovesick – 2 

A souls initial love sickness is primarily based on the “sins of the father” and mother. By this I mean that our initial idea of love, peace, security and grace come to us through our primary care givers and as such our imbalances and inequalities are in part given to us and in part based on our interpretation of life as we experience it.

For most the imbalance is conditionally resolved through comfortable but temporary solutions be it alcohol, religion, power, money or any others micro-gods we grasp in a futile effort to gain understanding or just ease pain. All the micro-gods share some common traits:

1) They are all works based. Some law, rule or idea guides it to create pocketed relief without any permanent solution.

2) They will all sap life from you. Many don’t figure it out till their deathbed but micro-gods take your time, energy and life’s most precious and perishable commodity – time – away from you with ruthless precision.

3) They are all fantasy, illusion and lie based. While they look good on the outside the real fishhook of a micro-god is that it just takes a little bit MORE to be happy.

4) None of the micro-gods can come Anywhere close to The God Who Is Love and Radically Loves you beyond All human understanding and “Finished” All that was needed to make you wHOLeY if you just believe in His name!