When our strength comes from Perfect Love the outcome is Always victory … and the bigger the potential defeat looks the greater the victory we will see.


Look at the biggest man assumed “failures” in the Bible and we find the most incredible Love based success stories. Look at the disciples, Paul, the slaves leaving Egypt and even Jesus and we see what man would call a failure … and yet we also see some of Perfect Loves Greatest success stories.


“An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.” … Luke 22:43


One of the wonderful things about how God works is this … He rarely works the same way twice. You might see an angel, I might meet a stranger the next person might have a vision.


The key to this is does the strength created in you, create greater love for all, judgement of no one and Peace that passes all understanding for you and others … if the answer is yes then you are Blessed by Gods strength.


Breathe in:

“God strengthen me”

Breathe out:

“With Perfect Love”


Breathe in:

“That I might be”

Breathe out:

“A source of love”