The eyes say it all when looking at spiritual health. But why is that?

How can the eyes of an individual hold the secret to LOVES  Smile?



The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” – Matthew 6:22



2 different sets of eyes see the same exact thing but it looks totally different, how can that be?


1 set of eyes are looking through the lens of Non-judging, unconditional Love, while the other set is looking through the lens of legalistic, evaluative, self righteousness that creates guilt, shame, hurt and places distance between people that God never intended. So what happens to create spiritual eye disease?


1)A person allows laws to dictate spiritual health instead of Jesus. They focus on doing and not Being. A doing sets up an evaluative checklist of laws that they follow and expects everyone else to follow the same. In short this is legalism which is Not Faith in All righteousness coming through Christ Alone.


2)A person allows past failures to be present realities. They focus on near sighted human realities instead of the gift beyond compare and what that gift Freely gave. As a result they can become bitter “failures” in thier own eyes  and miss the Rest that comes through Faith in what Christ Alone offers.


3)A person allows Heaven to be the goal instead learning Love. They focus on a far sighted location instead of seeing that “the kingdom of God has come near you” and “the kingdom of God is within you” to be the message of how to live that Jesus came to share.


John the Baptist and Jesus repeatedly told those who followed the law the closest to “repent” – why is that?

Because the righteousness they had was Not Gods righteousness that comes through Faith Alone! Instead it was human self righteousness which comes through the laws I am comfortable following, trying to forget my failures and hopefully measure up for Heaven – in short it makes human effort mixed with Christ gift instead of Faith in Christ Alone necessary for a healthy spiritual body!