Loves Reasoning

The greater our belief in Love beyond human comprehension, the greater all goodness flows into our lives. This is the reason for “The Good News.”

“The Good News” wasn’t and isn’t “ok now work harder and do better” … “The Good News” was, is and always will be, “it is Finished!”

So what is “it” of “it is finished”?

1. Any god that is Anything other than Love beyond human comprehension “is finished.”

2. Any idea the The God is Anything other than unconditional, eternal, uncomplicated Perfect Love for All “is finished.”

3. Any useless pain and suffering that was, is or ever could be heaped on a person “is finished.”

4. Any religious ideology that would make anyone jump through a hoop, feel alienated or diminished in Any way “is finished.”

5. “Christ is the end of the law for all who believe” … while most religious Christians say they believe this, many act as if the law is Not “finished.” – And in this is the reason for the pain, suffering and negative thoughts brought about by religious Christianity.

The Reasoning for Perfect Love is so that you and I could live our second greatest gift – Life – in Abundance … not material abundance that doesn’t matter … but in “the Peace that passes All understanding” that is Freely created and given to us by grasping the Truths above … Meditate on the 5 things above and see what happens to your anxiety level.

Today’s meditation –

Breathe in and say:

“All I need”

Breathe out and say:

“has already been given”

Here are some more studies on Loves Reasoning: