God math 102 – BIG GOD = BIG LIFE = BIG LOVE!

The reason why many hate God is that many who claim to follow God are really following small god and Not BIG GOD!


Gods Love isn’t just for “good girls and boys” and “His Grace is sufficient” doesn’t apply to the select few who sin the same way!


Let’s examine and take to heart a few Faith-Full facts about The God Who was, is and Always will Be:

1) Gods Love “drives out All fear” – in short anyone teaching fear isn’t teaching “perfect Love” as described in the Bible!

2) God Loved us “while we were still sinners” and Gods Son died for us “while we were enemies” of God!

3) God Loved the unacceptable, walked with and kept company with the “untouchables” and called the outcast “friends of God”!

4) Gods Love makes Him perfect and Gods Son taught that Love fulfills All the law and the prophets which is to this day a dangerous teaching for the religious!


In short the reason Gods Love makes no human sense is its Gods Love. We were never called to understand it … only trust it.


The most tragic mistake a human can make is to try to place God in a box of their own understanding which is exactly what religion attempts to do and is the exact opposite of Faith and a spiritual walk with God Almighty!


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