LOVES Magic Pill grows best when the conditions of human impossibility are at their highest. When all seems lost and the darkness surrounds us, then and only then can LOVES Magic Pill work the Miracle it was meant for, The Miracle of This Moment.



Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your FAITH has healed you.” – Luke 18:42



Faith heals! Faith makes you Righteous! Faith makes each moment a miracle because Faith is simply Resting in Who He Is, what He controls, what He has Finished and How Very Much He Loves you!



Who He Is – The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, God Almighty!


What He controls – Everything, Every moment, Every person and Every event that will occur in your life!


What He has “Finished” – Everything for you to be Righteous, Reconciled, Justified and have Abundant Life Here and Now!


How Very much He Loves you – Beyond compare, beyond human ability to understand, comprehend or imagine!


Now just Rest, have Faith in, the reality of this Truth and The Truth shall set you Free!


The reason the legalist struggles with this concept is that they fail to see that He Finished All that was needed and now the law is Not needed for All who believe because Faith Alone in Christ Alone heals us!


If you wish to explore this theology in a more in depth Bible study please go to  and once there look on the right side under the heading, “Pages” you will see “Let the Journey Begin” – I do hope it blesses you as it has me!



LOVES Magic Pill