What house are we in? What is it that those touched by Grace can offer “the house” and where do we see that example?


Why did Jesus spend so much time with the ones hated by “good” people the most? Why is it that He didn’t make a point of becoming socially acceptable? Why is it that at one point in His brief ministry His own mother and other members of His family tried to tell Him that He was crazy and to come back home?


Grace calls us, with a whisper it beacons us to Love like there is no tomorrow and Forgive like there was no yesterday.  Grace calls us to see our completed, Forgiven, Reconciled, Redeemed and Justified state Was made possible solely due to the Love spilled out on the cross for the souls of All mankind, then to Rest in this state and Be The Light in the house that invites others to drop their burden and live in in that same Rest.


For us to Be that Light and That Love we must first leave the religious, litigiously oriented and favoritism laden ideas of mans effort to control God and accept “by Faith” that God is Not about a rule book, He Is instead about Perfect Love which drives out All fear.


To grow in the idea of God as Perfect Love click the link in the verse below:


Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” … Matthew 5:15