With any construction or creation project a plan is essential to get the outcome desired. The reason why many struggle with Grace is that the plan is uncomfortable, unseen and illogical by all human standards which means it Must be accepted “by Faith” and this is where the pain starts.



As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like.” Luke 6:47



Why would Jesus say this to people who were already obeying the law so well? In short to let them know that He was and Is The One perfect sacrifice so that they are no longer under the law if they believe in His name.



Gods plan Always has been for us to have an intimate connection to Him and to each other, thus, “Love others as I have Loved you” was and is the mission of Jesus.

The law which came through Moses was given by God so that “transgressions might increase” because God in His wisdom wants all people to come to the idea that Faith in the Love God makes us Complete, wHOLeY and Righteous before God Almighty. The law had a purpose and its purpose ended in Jesus for All who believe.

In short the law was created so that we would fail into the cross, have a Need for the Unconditional and humanly inconceivable Perfect Love of God. To say otherwise makes Christianity just another religion, Jesus a liar and God the worst sadist of all times.

If you would like to see the blueprints for this house plane I invite you to go to BeGraceFull.com and study a page there called “Let the Journey Begin” which is hyperlinked here.


LOVES House Plan