If the birth of God Almighty in human form followed human logic – the birth would have been Very different! It’s the same exact way in how He works in our lives, what He seeks for us and how life could be Beautiful IF we only let Him do with us as His simple message was to us all at His birth. Your Grace-Full Christmas Present number 12 is Loves Home!

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.” – Luke 2:6-7

I hear the whisper of God and it stills the raging beast that is within me for God Is Love! This phrase has stuck with me since I started on the road of Grace over 20 years ago – even though I didn’t always listen to it.

But here is this passage in the beauty, pain, pageantry and plain way of the delivery of Love to mankind we can learn libraries full of knowledge and if we really listen closely the wisdom of God Almighty – THE GOD of ALL the Universe is right here!

For starters God’s timing is Perfectly imperfect! God moves as He knows we need to be moved Not as we wish and hope to be moved. His timing is Perfectly tuned to a heavenly clock that moves with precision that man will never understand – and that is a One-derful thing! Grasping this one concept, which by the way has been a continual “re-grasping” for me it seems, but grasping this creates Faith in the darkest moments of life.

A second whisper here is the pain that you are in and go through WILL give birth to Amazing discoveries IF you let it. I can’t imagine the pain that Mary went through delivering her firstborn, especially in a stable with manure and animals and blood and pain – and while this was only a few thousand years before Lamaze classes – Mary probably learned a very valuable secret – breathe! Breathing for me has been one of the greatest discoveries in my healing journey of Grace. If you want to live learn to meditate! I teach it and I hope over the winter break to make videos for it – keep watching BeGraceFull.com for more information.

A third whisper here is how baby Jesus was wrapped. In this translation it just says wrapped in clothes but if we go with the more traditional translation “swaddling clothes” we see a beauty in Who God Is and how He works in our lives. Swaddling clothes were meant to make the baby feel like they are still in the womb, safe and warm, much like how each moment is once we understand Who He is Who is our Father, Friend and indwelling One that makes us complete!

A forth whisper has to do with the availability of Love from Above! Love from Above is higher than human thought, lower than the lowest form of lives plea for mercy and symbolizing that is The King of Kings in the place mixed with animal dung and spit! One of the greatest challenges a person has in coming to The Gospel of Grace is to get the idea out of their head of the sanitized Savior! Make no mistake Jesus got dirty! He drank, He danced, He partied, He hurt, He hungered and at the end of His first night there He was – in a place of cow spit and donkey dung in the middle of a freezing cold Bethlehem night! The reason we Must get away from a sanitized, clean cut, Leave it to Beaver, Father knows Best Savior is that Jesus came for the beaten up, defeated, hurting, desperate pieces of shit like me – if He didn’t – then Jesus is a liar, the Bible is a fantasy, God’s Love is fake and death is the end!




First Home!