God alone knows how that which you call a handicap or a failure is the singularly greatest healing element in your life and the lives around you!


If Paul never would have been a legalist dogmatic Jewish leader, we never could have had the inexhaustible, missionary, church builder of Grace spreading the True Good News! If Thomas would not have been “doubting Thomas”, his healing into a Faith-Full follower never could have happened! If Elijah would not have had extreme depression to the point of wanting to end it all, you and I could never have seen how the darkest moments in life bring us closest to God! If Job would not have lost everything that He had worked so hard for in what the most religious of his day called “unjust” or “punishment”, we never would have been able to see that Faith in God means having Faith in the ashes of everything we hold near and dear! If Peter “the Rock” had not stumbled by denying Christ, we never could have understood how failures of Faith are never fatalities of Faith! If the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’s garment had not needed healing so desperately, we never would have seen His sensitivity to our needs!


The list could go on and on and on but here is the message of Faith – look up, breathe deep and say in times of despair, “I will rest in your Love for me Abba”, “Abba I will Trust in you with this pain”, “Abba I WILL REST IN YOU!”