i haven’t always been here but that’s why I So appreciate the view!

In fact I spent much of this gift called life looking without seeing a view that devastated much of the Present. It wasn’t until a certain seed planted in pains fertilizer began to push through the dark soil toward the small sweet gentle rays of SonLight that life began to Bloom for me!



Through him (Jesus) we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.” – Romans 1:5



A Seed was planted over 2000 years ago that fell on fertile soil in me because of blessed pain, nurtured by a difficult climb and Always guided by The Love that knows No end!


This Seed is not always allowed to bloom and is often choked out by weeds because many choose to alleviate the hurt and level the arduous climb. For many The Seed and the view It provides is just too unbelievable and improbable to comprehend as its unseen nature defies human possibility.


One thing to Always remember about The Seed – human impossibility was, is and Never will be the slighest challenge for Its growth. In fact what is impossible for humans is often The Seeds greatest points of cultivation and growth. I know because I am still breathing.


Loves  Grasp is a new devotional series by BeGraceFull in which we will examine just what The Seed does, what It looks like from Its early stages and as it matures as well as how It operates. I do so hope you will follow this journey.